Friiz Shoe Care Protection

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We have collaborated with Friiz Shoe Care. A German company with it's heart in shoe care and protection.

The Vision:
We want to make our contribution: against fast fashion and for a more sustainable use of textiles.
With our products, we help you to reduce your personal ecological footprint by extending the lifespan of textiles and garments that are difficult to recycle.
In our own value chain, we not only pay attention to the highest possible and ever-improving eco-balance, but also to fair working conditions, local and long-term partnerships and transparent process.

Why we started shoe and sneaker care:
Or the question: Do you know what happens to your old shoes?
Sneakers and shoes and most modern shoes are made of a variety of tightly bonded materials. This makes our favourite shoes not only special, comfortable but unfortunately also extremely difficult to recycle.
That's why with friiz we pursue the goal of extending the life of your shoes. We would like to support you in being able to wear selected favourite pieces for as long as possible in order to preserve the joy of your shoes and at the same time to protect the environment - because nothing is more sustainable than the product that does not have to be produced in the first place. So if you wear your shoes as long as possible and take special care of them, you actively protect the environment.

The Protector Spray.

Seal shoes and textiles and protect them sustainably.

• Extreme protection against dirt and waterlogging
• The breathability of the material is fully retained.
• The sealing spray is suitable for all materials that are water-absorbent
• Easy-to-clean effect: Sealed surfaces need to be cleaned much less often and can be
clean much faster
• Premium product from Germany: food-safe, skin-friendly, breathable, and odourless
invisible on the surface
• The Protector is water based and environmentally friendly unlike traditional coatings
based on toxic solvents
• Free of any silicone, wax or oil

Size Guide

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As a natural product, leather is 100% biodegradable.

Premium, Responsible, Traceable
Leather from our Gold Rated supply chain.


As a natural product, cork is 100% biodegradable.

Thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation. Cork has a low conductivity of heat, sound and vibration.

Natural Cork Footbed so you get to feel all the benefits of cork against your foot.


Natural and sustainable. Ecological, recyclable, resistant to abrasion, very elastic, flexible and waterproof.

Natural Crepe outsole with added cork wedge for additional cushioning and comfort.


Certified Vegan Production. Vegan micro suede. A conscious alternative to ‘non-animal origin’ footwear.


Natural, 100% organic cotton laces with biodegradable phthalate-fee lace ends.

Fit & Size Guide


Unisex and Generous.

We don’t do half sizes. Our fit is already built for your foot comfort and generous. If you are normally a 39.5 for example then go for a 39.

The removable footbed can also be cut to size around the toe area if you required for a more tailored fit.